La Montagn'hard - 11th edition - 2019, July 6-7

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Respect for the environment is a prerequisite for the sustainability of outdoor races. Thus, it is strictly forbidden to dispose of waste anywhere except in the trash bins reserved for this purpose.


To avoid irreversible erosion of the slopes, turns can not be cut. Checks will be made during the race to ensure that these points are respected. The inspectors will be entitled to a penalty of 30 minutes for a first violation of these rules, and to the exclusion of the competitor in case of recidivism.


Part of the route crosses the Contamines-Mont-Joie Nature Reserve. Dogs even on a leash are not allowed to enter it, picking flowers is also prohibited. The entire regulation of the reserve is applicable to competitors and their accompanying persons.


The competitors will ensure that their vehicles and those of the accompanying persons don’t cause any damage to the vegetation or inconvenience to the other users of the road network.