La Montagn'hard - 11th edition - 2019, July 6-7

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Montagn’hard : 108 km – 8050 m ascent
Montagn’hard 60 : 61 km – 4500 m ascent
Montagn’hard 40 (Moins’hard) : 39 km – 2900 m ascent solo or relay (2)

Art.1 : THE RACE
Art.2 : HOURS
Art.3 : SAFETY
Art.9 : ETHICS

Art.1 : THE RACE

The 4 races of the Montagn’hard are non-stop freestyle races of approximately 108 km and 80500 m of ascent for the Montagn’hard, 61 km and 4500 m of ascent for Montagn’hard 60 and 39 km and 2900 m of ascent for the Moins’hard, solo versions and relay (2), on mountain paths, in altitude and in areas often away from road access. It is semi-autonomous.

Art. 2 : HOURS

The races will leave Saint-Nicolas-de-Véroce (74) on Saturday, July 6, 2019 :

  • at 5:00 am for the Montagn’hard
  • at 7:00 am for the Montagn’hard 60
  • at 8:00 am for the solo and relay versions


To be ranked, competitors will have to cross the finish line in Saint-Nicolas before :

  • Sunday, July 7, 2019 at 3:00 pm for the Montagn’hard
  • Sunday July 7, 2018 at 0:30 am for the Montagn’hard 60
  • Saturday, July 6, 2017 at 6:30 pm for the Moins’hard

Time barriers :

At several race points, the competitors will be stopped or redirected to the shorter racing format if they can’t leave before the time barrier.

Here are the different time barriers :

Les Toilles : 10:20 am

Bionnassay : 1:15 pm

Miage : 4:10 pm

ATTENTION : At 3:15 pm, closing of the bifurcation towards the 60 and 100 km, the competitors of these two races are invited to finish on the Moins’hard.

Le Pontet : 8:00 pm

ATTENTION : Bifurcation 60 km / 100 km : at 11 h 15 pm, closing of the bifurcation of the 100 km. Late competitors are invited to finish on the 60 km course.

L’Étape : 03:10 am

Le Bolchu : 05:00 am (the runners could finish on a the track from Col du Joly to Arrival)

Col du Joly: 11:00 am

Bibs will be handed over at the race village in Saint-Nicolas from 4:30 pm to 8:30 pm on Friday, July 6, 2018 for the 3 races on Saturday 2 from 4:30 am to 5:30 am for the Montagn’hard 60 and from 5:30 to 6:30 for the Moins’hard. The competitors will have to bring their compulsory equipment which can be checked before giving the bib.

Art.3 : SAFETY

By registering at the Montagn’hard, competitors are conscious of embarking on a demanding race in a mountain environment subject to the vagaries of meteorology and undertake to accept all the corresponding risks and to have the experience and fitness adapted to this challenge. If the maximum safety measures are taken, the fact remains that the environment crossed does not make it possible to have the means of intervention with the same diligence as in urban environment.

To validate his registration, the rider must provide a photocopy of his valid FFA license or a medical certificate of no contra-indication to the practice of the COMPETITION running less than one year at the date of the race (mention « in competition »).


The attention of the riders is drawn to the fact that beyond the legal obligation of the previous point, a serious medical examination can detect any health problems incompatible with a race in competition, even if the rider is in perfect condition. As such, an exercise electrocardiogram is strongly advised, especially after 40.

Please note The Montagn’hard route crosses a suspended footbridge below the Bionnassay glacier. For safety reasons, the passage of this gateway must be carried out at walking, only one competitor at a time.


The semi-autonomous is part of the character of the race. The latter prohibits the organization of personal assistance and refueling outside the supplies provided by the organization of the race.

The refreshments are 8 in the 108, 4 in the 60 and 3 in the 40 and are composed of :


• Water
• Sweetened beverages
• Hot drinks (soup, tea or coffee)
• Sweet foods (sugar, chocolate, bananas, apples, oranges, prunes or dried apricots, cereal bars …)
• Salty foods (salt, cakes, cheese, ham, sausage, bread, cashew nuts …)
• For some, a hot dish (pasta …)


The compulsory equipment that each rider must wear at any time during the race is as follows :

• A survival cover
• A whistle
• A self-adhesive strip of 2 m minimum (width 5 to 7 cm) for strapping
• A cup (no disposable cups for refueling)
• Mobile phone with sufficient autonomy (external batteries if necessary). The call number MUST be provided when registering

And, only on the 108 and 60:

• A working headlamp with a set of replacement batteries
• A waterproof jacket
• Pants or tights (covering at least the knees)

In addition, competitors will be required to :

• At the start of the race and from each refueling point a reserve of water of 1.2 liters minimum
• At the start of the race a food reserve
The provision of these phone numbers to the organization will make it easy to communicate in case of problems. The competitors are advised to bring the race number of the race safety PC, which will be indicated in the race documents provided when the race number is given.

Walking sticks are allowed from Bionnay (km 5.6). Before this point, they must be worn on the backpack, so as not to risk injuring another competitor (recommended tip protection).


The compulsory equipment will not be checked at the withdrawal of the bibs but punctually in race. Any rider who doesn’t possess the obligatory equipment during these checks will be penalized or even disqualified.


On the Montagn’hard, it is possible to place a shedding bag which is transported by the organization to the refueling of L’Étape. A numbered garbage bag will be provided for this purpose with the number.


By registering, any competitor undertakes to abide scrupulously the following abandonment procedure :

When he decides to give up, he can only do so by :

• A race commissioner (identifiable by his armband)
• Et the Operationnel Center (telephone number indicated on the bib)
• A member of the medical team of the race (identifiable by their dress)

It supports its abandonment OBLIGATORY by an SMS to the Operationnel Center (0629161898): «Abandonment of the« # n ° of bib # ».


Montagn’hard, Montagn’hard 60 and Montagn’hard 40 are races open to any person born before 1998 who doesn’t have a contraindication to the practice of running in competition.

The Montagn’hard 40 (Moins’hard) can be carried out in relay of 2 competitors (passage of relay at Bionnassay). The relays are open to any person born before 1999 with no contra-indication to the practice of running in competition.

The amount of entries is as follows :

Race Refundable Not refoundable
Montagn’hard 100 105 90
Montagn’hard 60 60 50
Moins’hard solo 35 30
Moins’hard Relay (per competitor) 25 20

Entries will be closed on July 3, 2019 and will be limited to a total of 1000 entries for the 4 races.

Registration is not possible on the day of the race.

No entry will be taken without the provision of a medical certificate of non-contraindication to the practice of running in competition or a photocopy of a valid competition license.

When registering, the competitor indicates OBLIGATORY two phone numbers :

• The mobile number he must have with him, charged, lit and in working order, audible ringing
• The mobile number of a relative duly informed by the competitor of his participation in the race
In addition, the competitor indicates his place of accommodation for the weekend of the race.


Cancellation of registration is only possible for refundable rates.

The refundable rates allow a full refund of the registration (excluding internet charges) for any cancellation request prior to June 10th. Beyond that, it will be retained 30 € for a late cancellation on the Montagn’hard 100 (20 € for Montagn’hard 60 and 10 € for Moins’hard), except exchange bibs validated by the organization. Such an exchange must be proposed at the same time as the cancellation request, with mandatory joint provision of the valid medical certificate or the pass’running number.

No refund will be made for an application after midnight June 29, 2018.

No exchange of bibs will be allowed without the explicit agreement of the organization.

In the event of cancellation of the races for a reason beyond the control of the organizers, no refund will be made.


The maximum number of entries is 1050 in all 4 races.

Art.9 : ETHICS

By entering the Montagn’hard, the competitor undertakes explicitly to respect these rules and the ethics of the race. La Montagn’hard wants to respect its natural and human environment. Thus, the greatest courtesy is required for volunteers who choose to devote part of their free time to the race.

Respect for the environment is a prerequisite for the sustainability of outdoor races. Thus, it is strictly forbidden to dispose of waste anywhere except in the trash bins reserved for this purpose.

To avoid irreversible erosion of the slopes, turns can’t be cut. Checks will be made during the race to ensure that these points are respected. The inspectors will be entitled to a penalty of 30 minutes for a first violation of these rules, and to the exclusion of the competitor in case of recidivism.

Some passages pass through private property whose occupants accept the embarrassment inherent in the race. Respect for these private properties and their owners is an absolute requirement.

Part of the route crosses the Contamines-Mont-Joie Nature reserve. Dogs even on a leash are not allowed to enter it, picking flowers is also prohibited. The entire regulation of the reserve is applicable to competitors and their accompanying persons.

The competitors will ensure that their vehicles and those of the accompanying persons don’t cause damage to the vegetation or inconvenience to the other users of the road.

Competition makes sense only in respect of other competitors. Any cheat will be subject to immediate exclusion from the race. This point obviously includes the full respect of the course as described in the road book. In addition, any competitor must give priority to assistance to another competitor in difficulty (injury, weakness, hypothermia, etc.). Depending on the circumstances and in the event of a reliable estimate, the time taken by the competitor to rescue another rider may be deducted from his final time.


For competitors who have crossed the finish line in accordance with the different time barriers, the following classifications will be done :

For solo races

Scratch Men & Women
Hope M & W
Senior M and W
Master 1 M and W
Master 2 M and W
Master 3 M and W
Master 4 M and W

For the relay – First place for


Rewards will be gived to the top 3 of the scratch rankings, rankings by category and the first of the top climber and descender challenges. No cash reward will be issued.

For the relay (Moins’hard), will be rewarded the winning binomials in men’s, women’s and mixed categories.

As far as possible, intermediate times will be updated in real time on the race site and available on the finish line. Full final times and rankings will be available by the next day before noon on


La Montagn’hard has liability insurance.

This doesn’t cover any relief costs that are not covered by this insurance.

In case of emergency, costs incurred as a result of recklessness or failure to apply a measure provided for in this regulation may be invoiced directly to the competitor.

Competitors with a sports license recognized for the Montagn’hard benefit from integrated insurance. For the others, it is advisable to check if they are insured for the emergency expenses and if not, to take out insurance covering these costs.

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